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Multan is one of the big and very famous city of Punjab Province which is also named the city of Sufies, The City of Tombs, The City of Saints and Madinat-ul-Auliya. There are 6 towns in this city and also 4 Union Councils. The total Area of this city is 128 sq mi and also the elevation is 122m (400 ft).

The population of this city was 6 million and it was recorded in 1998. The citizens of this city are speaking many languages such as Multani, Punjabi, Majhi, Riasti, Raangrri, Urdu and English.

Urdu is the national Language of Pakistan that’s why many people understand this language but some of the educated people of this city also want to speak English. But the majority people are speaking Punjabi because most of the citizens are Punjabi. This city is famous for many places such as Aerial view of this city, Multan Clock Tower, and historic cannon in Fort, Shahi Eid Ghah Mosque, Delhi Gate and many others.

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