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Mianwali is a very famous city of Punjab Province located in Mianwali District which is famous for many things. The total population of this city is 110,359 and this was recorded in 2009. This city is also famous for some historic background.

The citizens of this city are speaking Punjabi language 72.4%, Saraiki language 12%, Pashto language 10% and other languages 6%. The people of this city are educated and hard working and they are trying to speak Urdu and English as well Punjabi. Here in this post we are talking about the inhabitants of Mianwali Punjab Pakistan.

We have heard about the girls and boys of this city that they are very interested in mobile friendship. Actually we have made a platform and site of mobile friendship especially for Pakistani boys and girls but those who love mobile friendship. We are searching for such cities and people from all over Pakistan who are interested in mobile gossip to share it in our site for the help of Pakistani young generations.

These days mobile friendship is very useful for all boys and girls and they are taking many advantages from it. The cute girls of Mianwali are looking for some real friends from all over Pakistan. Sanam Naz is a local citizen of this city having 19 years old. She is the student of BBA in her City College. She is very stylish and romantic as well as admirer of mobile friendship.

She is living in Mianwali with her small family of two brothers and parents. The father of Sanam is a driver and she is spending her much time with friends and relatives. She love to have more friends for online chat and mobile gossip from all over Pakistan that’s why here we have shared the personal number of Sanam in this post with her attractive pictures.

All those interested boys and girls who want to make friends in Mianwali Punjab Pakistan should visit here and join this site for making best and true friends. We hope that the friendship of girls will be very special for you so keep in touch…

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